Monday, December 14, 2009

DxDR: In the Studio!

Death by Death Ray was in the recording studio on Sunday Dec 13th down at the Centre for Arts and Technology. We had a great time and were quite productive, laying down rough tracks for 6 tunes. (Access Denied, Perfect World, Power Doesn't Care, Dead Wrong, Liberté, and the untitled cool jazz number).

Tim Jordan on Percussion

Jamie Jordan on Guitar

Dan Melvin on Bass

Jamie Jordan and Dylan Edwards discussing the future of metal

Jamie Jordan and Ryan Doucet setting up microphones

Tim Jordan's drums; all mic'ed up and ready to rock

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Flabbergasting Tales!

Feast your eyes, Loyal Citizens! This tale is pulled from the Overlord's Archives deep in the cold memory files of the Central Control Computer. Script by Diligent Dylan Edwards! Art by Howlin' Dave Howlett!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Neptune Video

This is a video clip from the November 12th Command Performance of 'The Overlord' at the Neptune Theatre Studio Stage. It was shot by Deanne Pye and Mark Gale, and edited by Mark Gale. The video features the song 'Liberté!' - music by Christine Ellis, Tim Jordan and Jamie Jordan, lyrics by Dylan Edwards. The performers are: Dan Melvin as The Overlord, Eamon Clancey as Captain Thunder, Christine Ellis as Lady Liberty, Jeff Hale as Blacknight, Celeste Dawson as Thunder Queen, and also appearing are Jake Clancey-Edwards, Kate Rennie, Robbie Darling, Sean Wang and Sam Clancey-Edwards. Costumes by Pam Crouse. Make-up and Stage Management by Tanya Carroll. A/V, SFX and Animation by Jay Silver. Graphic Design by James Rothenburg.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Greetings, Insects!

THE OVERLORD: A Rock Musical
It is the 25th year of the Age of the Overlord. The
world is united. The streets are clean. Society is productive. People are safe. Humanity has made great progress since the Overlord defeated the so-called 'League of Heroes' and conquered the planet. The people live and die by the words of the Overlord, for his word is law. He is revered as a savior, loved by billions... and he is miserable. This perfect new world order runs so well, he has become obsolete. For years he has remained locked in his tower, but when he decides to look up his old arch-nemesis, Captain Thunder, now a brainwashed factory worker, events are set in motion that will shake this perfect world to its very foundations! The Overlord is all about masks, capes, death rays, thunderbolts and heavy metal!

The Overlord was written and directed by Dylan Edwards and first ran during the 2009 Fringe Festival, where it was a 'Fringe Hit'. Our sponsor (Calum Johnston of Strange Adventures, The World's Greatest Comic Shop) decided the show needed to be seen in a more professional venue, and with his generous support we held a one-night-only command performance at the Neptune Studio Stage on November 12th. It was a successful production, well-received by an enthusiastic audience.

The show features original music throughout - played by the band 'Death by Death Ray' which is Jamie Jordan on guitar and Tim Jordan on drums. The brothers Jordan create a wide variety of sounds using a range of percussion instruments and a staggering array of electronic pedals and effects.

1. 'Access Denied' - a thrashy metal tune sung by the Overlord (Dan Melvin)

2. 'A Shadow in the Night' - a heavy metal theme sung by Blacknight (Jeff Hale) - We open the play with 10 singers performing a variation of this song.

3. 'Power Doesn't Care' - a powerful rock ballad duet sung by Thunder Queen (Celeste Dawson) and Captain Thunder (Eamon Clancey)

4. 'Dead Wrong' - a straight-up hard rock song by Captain Thunder (Eamon Clancey)

5. 'Liberté' - a stadium rock anthem sung by Lady Liberty (Christine Ellis)

This blog will be serving as the primary information site for all things related to this play. Please feel free to post your questions, comments and inquiries!